Chiriseri Mbira Collective

Trees of Hope

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The Trees of Hope Project Launch

raised £1,300 of our first £2,000 target!


Please contact us to make a donation to the project














Thankyou to Roger and Claire Ashwheeler for the beautiful venue, to Ben Lawrence and MpeAsem for travelling all the way from Bristol to share the gorgeous Ghanain Balafon music, to Allan Kerr and David Holmes for keeping the mbira vibes strong!


Big thankyou to Jane Tarr and Nick Clough for the cakes and all their work and support behind the scenes, to Graeme McCrakcen for an outstanding job as compare, to Emma Mccracken, Natalie Torr and Jane Gomme for their sweet welcoming and Nat's amazing turmeric chai!


Thankyou to everyone who generously offered promises, and everyone who bought them. We hope they lead to rich experiences and fruitful exchanges


Thankyou to the Earth and the Sky, to our Ancestors and our Descendents. And thankyou to the trees, for enriching the soil that grows everything we eat, for cleaning the air that we breathe, and for modelling to us how to thrive as part of a thriving community of life.


We have much to learn.


We have much to remember.


We are remembering.


We cant do this without you