Chiriseri Mbira Collective

Zimbabwean mbira music is rich, deep and powerful.  It is celebratory and ceremonial, building a bridge between people and their ancestors.


The Chiriseri Mbira Collective have been playing, singing and dancing traditional mbira music for most of their lives.  Due to the challenging economic climate in Zimbabwe it is extremely difficult for these dedicated musicians to make a living.


In August 2014 UK based Denise Rowe visited Zimbabwe to record this captivating music.  After meetings and plannings and long walks, the recordings took place in the kitchens at night and on sacred mountains in the villages of Chiriseri and Mhondoro.

chiriseri cave smiles


In December 2014 Denise helped the Chiriseri Mbira Collective release their first Album,

Voice of the Mountain


Money in Zimbabwe is scarce.   This project supports the musicians to support their families and brings the magic of mbira out into the world.  This will be the first time these elders of the potently rich Zimbabwean mbira music tradition have ever had their music recorded and released as an album.


Their music is beautiful, powerful and enchanting and up to this point has never been heard outside of Zimbabwe.  It is time to share the treasure of their artistry and to reward the artists for their unfaltering dedication to this powerful music.